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Commercial Commissions

Terms and Conditions for Commercial Use Commissions

This document serves as a guide for Clients who wish to purchase a Commercial License Use from me. These Terms and Conditions will be discussed with the Client before the invoice will be issued. 

Breach of any of these terms will result in a NO REFUND POLICY for any payment made by the Client, and NO SERVICE RENDERED for any work finished. No work will be submitted to the Client in this case

  • A Commission is an artwork created digitally. 
  • A Client is the person requesting and paying the Artist to create a Commission for them.
  • Commercial License is the permission purchased by the Client which gives them the rights to use the Commission for commercial and for profit purposes, such as selling or helping sell products, and other related actions.
  • Commission Queue or Priority Queue is the list of all Commissions in order of payment; prioritizing those who paid first and those who paid for Rush Fee;
  • and a Turn means that the Client is now placed on the top of the Queue and is now served by the Artist. During this turn, the Artist will contact the Client that the sketch process has started.
  • No Refund Policy is a statement explaining that the Client will not be provided compensation for the purchased commission. 
  • No Service Rendered means that there will be no product or services given to the Client regardless of reason.

Artist's Rights

I have the right to refuse any Commission regardless of reason. I do not have to fully disclose the reason to the Client as long as the Commission has not been started. I can also decline a commission if the Client asks for a skill or service that I do not offer.

Although, I will not have the Commercial rights to these Commissions anymore, the Client still needs to credit the artwork under TossedLeaf Co. or refer to my website (

Fair Use

I retain the rights to post these Commissions on social media and include them in my Portfolio unless the Client requests otherwise.


  • Payments are done fully upfront
  • Invoices are sent via PayPal
  • PayPal fee is included
  • Commission slots are only confirmed after payment


The Commission fee depends on the complexity, dimensions, and urgency of the project. We will discuss these specifications prior to the creation of the invoice. Revisions to these will produce a new invoice with the new fees accommodating the new artwork specifications.


Revisions are only to be made during the Planning/Storyboarding/Sketching process. Minor revisions are allowed on the final artwork, such as changing one part of the character's anatomy, a misplaced object, or small effects in the background (leaves, bushes, a tree). Minor Revisions will only be limited to 10 small changes. Additional minor changes beyond 10 will be charged 2$ each. 

Major revisions to the final illustrations will have additional fees of 10cad$ to each revision. I will be communicating throughout the whole project to avoid major revisions. Major revisions include changing the character's pose and re-drawing from scratch, changing the color scheme of a character or the entire design, changing the background design, etc.

Rush Fee

Most of my commissions take a month to 5 months to finish. Any projects that require a deadline will require a Rush Fee of 50% of your total. Rush Fee Client's project will be moved into Priority Queue. Projects taken to Priority Queues will take 3 business weeks to a month to finish when it is your turn. Other clients will also purchase a Priority Queue slot. Buying one does not guarantee that you will be served immediately, unless your deadline is closer than the others. Priority Queue pushes your slot higher, and you will be served earlier from the Normal Queue (no deadline queue). If it is your turn, meaning that you are currently on slot 1, or other people's slot was finished and you are now moved to slot 1, then you will be contacted about your turn and the sketching process.

Slots are posted here


  • Refunds are NOT ALLOWED for the following reasons:
    • Client already received the initial sketch
    • Client already received constant updates with Commission progress
    • Client already paid but does not communicate with me for more than a month
    • Client already received the commission within the allotted time frame but files a case with Paypal
    • Client files a case (a formal complaint on PayPal) for "unshipped item" even though the commission is a digital product and does not require shipping
    • Commission is finished within the given time frame
    • Client asked for a revision too late, thus affecting and pushing back the deadline
    • In the case that the Client is responsible for the delay, a refund is not eligible
    • Clients who refuse to receive the finished commission are also not eligible for a refund

  • Refunds are ALLOWED for the following reasons:
    • Client has not received the initial sketch within a month after their turn
    • Client did not receive any artwork from me on the deadline
    • When there is no communication from me for 2 months since last conversation

  • Partial Refunds are ALLOWED if the Commission was not completed on time and the Client still wants the late work.

By paying for your Commission, you hereby agree to all the Terms and Conditions above and must adhere to them to ensure delivery of the Commission. Breach of any of these terms will result in NO REFUND POLICY for any payment made by the Client, and NO SERVICE RENDERED for any work finished. No work will be submitted to the Client in this case.